BBQ Roster


Roster 22/23

03 JULY                             R GROSSER

17 JULY                              B. PREUSS

31 JULY                              R. GROSSER

14 AUGUST                       R. KROEMER

28 AUGUST                       D. WARDLE

11 SEPTEMBER                 K. TATTERSALL

25 SEPTEMBER                J. CHEYNE

9 OCTOBER                      T. MALLARD

23 OCTOBER                    L. JAENSCH

6 NOVEMBER                  S. BAWDEN

20 NOVEMBER                K. GRAHAM

4 DECEMBER                   D. BAWDEN

18 DECEMBER                  G. HUNTER

1 JANUARY                       New Year’s Day

15 JANUARY                     W. BAWDEN

29 JANUARY                    G. HAGE

12 FEBRUARY                   L. YON

26 FEBRUARY                  R. WILSON

12 MARCH                        Adelaide Cup

26 MARCH                        R. MARTIN

9 APRIL                             D. NEWCOMBE

23 APRIL                           ANZAC Weekend

7 MAY                               R. GROSSER

21 MAY                              B. PREUSS

4 JUNE                              K. GRAHAM

18 JUNE                            VOLUNTEER

25 JUNE                            AGM


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Notes & Duties

Roster 20/21

1. Remember to arrange a switch if you are unavailable to do your rostered Saturday
2. Person rostered has additional duties on BBQ day: Clean up dishes & sink and dispose of the rubbish, sweep out clubroom floor. Clean porta-toilet and sweep out (dust, cobwebs etc), check and add water to top tank if necessary ; smile because you’re all done
3. Usual purchases are: 1 kg sausages, 1 pack of 10 hamburgers, 2 or 3 onions and 2 loaves of bread
4. Check or ask if there are other necessary purchases e.g. OIL, MARGARINE, SAUCE
5. Feel free to introduce some variations if you enjoy other BBQ meals
6. Present original receipts to Treasurer should you wish to claim expenses
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Let’s Get in Touch!

If you have any questions regarding model aeroplanes, we encourage you to get in touch with us or ring us on the mobiles below.


Port Lincoln Model Aerosport Club.
1249 Flinders Highway Coomunga SA 5607.


Jeff Cheyne

Keith Tattersal

Ron Grosser

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